Many people reluctantly agree that losing a key was one of the worst experiences in their lives. If you don’t have a key, it isn’t possible to enter your own home. But even if you do by breaking the lock, your home’s security is still at stake. That’s why getting the locks rekeyed is so important, especially if the original key is no longer with you. However, the question is, is it possible to Rekey A Lock without the original key? Fortunately, it is possible, and there is one way to do it.

Rekeying the Lock Without the Original Key

The process of rekeying a lock without the original key is going to be different for each type of locking mechanism. So, you need to understand that doing it also comes with its own set of issues. Below we talk about a few things you should know before rekeying the locks.

Picking the Lock

Any experienced and Professional Locksmith is able to pick a lock to unlock it. A locksmith can unlock the lock, using their pick and then remove the cylinder. However, not all locks can be rekeyed using this method without the original key. For instance, this method will not work for knob locks, smart key locks, a deadbolt etc.

Smart lock rekeying without the key

The lock can be removed from the door without damaging it. After it is removed, the cylinder can be taken out. Doing this requires a lot of experience, and the locksmith will also need to be well-equipped. That’s why doing this is beyond the expertise of a regular locksmith.

The Cost involved with Rekeying Locks

Now when you don’t have keys for the locks or if it is broken or lost, the lock has to be rekeyed. Most locksmiths should be able to rekey locks without the original key with some level of ease. That said, the cost associated with doing it without the original set of keys is high. That’s why you might want to consider changing the locks instead.


If you find yourself in a conundrum about changing the locks or rekeying the existing one, it is essential to consider a couple of factors. The most crucial factor is the fact that it will cost you a little more than buying a new lock. Plus, you want to hire the best locksmith with experience with rekeying the type of locks you have.

One of the ways to decide between the two is to call up a locksmith and get a quote for rekeying your locks. Explain that you have lost the key and tell them about the type of locks you have. Then once you get that estimate, compare it against the price of installing a set of new locks. If they are both equal, it is better to install new locks. Nothing beats the extra security new locks offer.