Everyone uses locks of various kinds, whether in homes, offices, or several other places. Misplacing the lock’s keys that might be your vehicle, office or house happens from time to time. And the most concerning part is the potential security and safety risks it can cause while your children, pets, and valuables are inside your house or vehicle.

In this emergency situation, the only person who can provide you with support and help is the Locksmith. Who is it? A locksmith is a professional in making and fixing any locks and keys.

7 Types of Services Offered by a Locksmith

Types of Services Offered by a Locksmith

With the technological advancement in safety and security locks, a chance to tackle this situation becomes more accessible. Not only this, but the scope of the locksmith’s services widens also.

Nowadays, locksmiths offer plenty of advanced services to individuals and companies, starting from fitting digital locks to remote locks and various mechanized security systems.

‘All You Have Is An Emergency Contact Number Of A Locksmith’

Following are seven types of services offered by the locksmith.

Key Cutting Locksmith

One of the widely used services of the locksmith is the “Key Cutting.” It is mainly used when you lose your house or car keys, or in case you damage it.

It further involves:

Simple Key Cutting: Involves a generic process of key cutting by looking into a lock pattern or duplicating the primary key with the help of the tools, such as a key cutter or duplicating machines to have spare residential keys.

Complex or Advance key Cutting: A unique process that includes key cutting of automobile locks with the help of an electronic transponder and other complex locks.

24/7 Emergency Locksmith Service

Locked out in your house or a car at night or lost your keys in an unknown location, what is your reaction? Obviously, you get frustrated.

Here come emergency locksmith services 24/7, provided by various companies or individual locksmiths that must be MLA licensed. The 24/7 emergency services include:

  • Key Cutting
  • Duplicating the main keys
  • Fit new locks and change the existing one
  • Help you to gain access to your car or home
  • Repair burglary attempts

Automobile Locksmith Service

It is the specialized locksmith service for the automobile, especially the cars and other vehicles that deal with the electronic and smart or computerized keys. If your car has an automated keys mechanism, then it is impossible in most cases to bypass. Only the locksmith with specialized training and proper technology can gain access to your locked vehicle.

Other automobile locksmith services are:

  1. Duplicating or replacing your car key
  2. Gain access to your car with a key inside it
  3. Remote control repairing
  4. An MLA-recognized locksmith can safely remove the key from the ignition.

Residential Locksmith Service

Residential Locksmith service is the most common type of service available in any region. The technicians have expertise in primarily residential locks and often commercial locks and security. The resident seeks their help in the cases, for instance, when locked inside the room or the main door key is lost during the home shifting.

Some of the other tasks a residential locksmith can perform are as follows:

  1. Duplication of high-security keys
  2. Ability to install panic hardware
  3. Insert Upvc Doors and Install Locks to it
  4. Deal with the emergency lockout
  5. CCTVs installation
  6. Can install a smart home security system

Commercial Locksmith Service

Commercial places like company offices, garages, hotels, warehouses, and others use complex and advanced security lock systems compared to residential areas. These large buildings use advanced security locks, for example, biometric lock systems, turbo locks, smart door security locks, or keyless lock systems.

So, the maintenance of these safety and security locks needs Skilled Technicians as commercial locksmiths. Commercial locksmiths are the key installer that installs these biometric or keyless security lock systems in the commercial building and add high-security padlocks to safes and file cabinet to safe, sensitive documents.

The task of regular maintenance of smart lock systems is also the responsibility of the commercial locksmith.

After the installation of locks, other services include:

  1. Resolving the smart lock and biometric lock issues
  2. Duplication of the security keys
  3. CCTVs installation and maintenance

Forensic Locksmith Service

One of the fine areas of locksmith services is the forensic locksmith. With the help of a scientific method of gathering and analysis, a forensic locksmith understands the lock’s anatomy and dissects its parts.

The central role of a forensic locksmith is in a crime investigation. The crime investigation team may seek the help of a locksmith to solve criminal cases by gathering the details, facts and figures, and pieces of evidence for the particular criminal case.

They make use of the techniques such as:

  1. Microscopic examination of the locks
  2. Disassembling of a device lock
  3. Visual inspection at first sight and tool mark identification
  4. Assist the law enforcement agencies
  5. Locksmith Services
  6. Forensic Photography and Microphotography

Institutional Locksmith Service

The Institutional locksmith services are primarily used in government premises, schools, and hospitals. To do this, the institutional locksmith, at first, visits the premise of the building, evaluates, and after the complete understanding of an operational needs, recommends the best safety and security option.

The other services performed by the institutional locksmith are:

  1. Installation of new locks
  2. Replacing and Duplicating lock keys
  3. Lock Key/Rekey Control
  4. Locksmith building management services

Bottom Line

In the end, you have learned the seven types of services offered by the locksmith and which one is the right option for you to call in an emergency. The locksmith is a well-trained and knowledgeable service provider and provides premium services in no time.

I repeat once again, and that is “All You Have Is An Emergency Contact Number Of A Locksmith.”