Change Locks?

First of all, your home security may have different types of locks. For example, you may have combination locks that you need to be worked on. A licensed residential locksmith knows how to work with any type of lock that can be found in a home.

There are other types of problems that a homeowner can have, as well. They may, for example, even need to Change Locks, because of a lost or stolen key, or moved to a new house, that’s why Elite Locksmiths is here for a Change Locks Service!

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  • Deadbolt – We got the largest range of Deadbolt, Deadbolt locks, Combination deadbolt, Deadbolt Door lock & Electronic deadbolt.

  • Locksets – We’re Offering Locksets, Mortise locksets, Door locksets, Dummy lockset, Entry locksets & Home locksets.

  • Panic Bars – We’re Doing installation & supply of panic bars, Door panic bar, Panic bar exit.

  • Mortise Locks – We’re Offering all types of Mortise Locks.

  • Padlocks – We’re Offering Padlocks, Combination Padlocks, Keyed padlock, Open padlock, Padlock key & Security padlocks.

  • Cylinder Locks – We’re Offering Cylinder locks, Door lock cylinder, Double cylinder lock & Single cylinder lock.

  • Magnetic Locks – We’re Doing Installation & Supply of Magnetic locks, Door magnetic locks.

  • Glass Door Locks – We’re Doing Glass door locks & Sliding glass door locks.

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Change Locks Service

As you can see, there are more things to think about, when it comes to making your home safe than just a key replacement when you need to. A trusted locksmith, like Elite Locksmiths, can go over all the things that will make your home safe for your entire family. Being locked out of the house is only one type of problem that a homeowner can have when it comes to making sure that everything is secure. This is why so many house owners make sure that they know who to call, when they need a change locks service.

Rekey Locks Services

Of course, when we think of Rekeying Locks, we think of having good locks on our front and back doors with our change locks service. This is important for any type of home, but there are other places in the home that also need to be secure.

For example, Rekey Locks Services can also install and lock repair services that cover other places in your home, such as windows. For those who have children, you may want to have a secure place to store dangerous cleaning chemicals, guns or other items that can cause harm.

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