Lockpicking is a skill like any other. It takes time to learn and much longer to master. However, everyone who wants to learn to lockpick does not want to become a master thief. In fact, there is a lot that lockpicking can teach you, like being patient and working your way methodically. Most of all, it opens your eyes to the illusion of there being any security.

Many of us lock our doors, assuming that it will keep us and our personal belongings safe. However, as soon as you start picking locks, it will dawn that locks don’t provide much security. Sure, they may make you feel safe, but if someone wanted to enter your home, they could pick the lock on the front door to get in within minutes. But if they (the intruder) didn’t know how to pick a lock, there are several other ways to enter.

Lockpicking Steps

To Pick Your First Lock, it is essential to have a basic lockpick set. The set will consist of a tensioner, a rake and a pick. The idea behind picking a lock is to insert both the tensioner and the pick inside the keyhole. With one hand, you will put tension on the lock in a clockwise direction, and with the pick, you will gently raise each tumbler.

Here are the steps:

Step no. 1 – Start by inserting the tensioner in the keyhole

Step no. 2 – Insert the pick into the keyhole.

Step no. 3 – Use your left hand to add tension to the tensioner, moving clockwise.

Step no. 4 – Use the pick to raise each tumbler slightly.

Step no. 5 – As each tumbler clicks into place, the tensioner will turn until it completely opens the lock.

Every Lock Is Different

The above method will work for most padlock and handle locks. However, every lock type is different. The tumblers in the lock will also vary, and so will their depth. That said, if you practice on a regular lock or maybe buy a transparent lock to practice, you will soon get the hang of it. It is a lot like riding a bike.

Learning To Pick A Lock Makes You Handy

Many people get locked out multiple times a year, and it can be frustrating, to say the least. Learning how to pick a lock not only makes getting back into your own home easier, but you can help friends and family too. It is also considered cool for anyone who can pick a lock. It isn’t uncommon for people to stand around watching a Master Locksmith At Work. In other words, you can become quite popular!

However, like everything else, if lockpicking does not interest you, learning it can be more challenging. It takes a great deal of trial and error to get a feel for how every tumbler should be set. Sometimes you can be holding those picks for up to half an hour to see results. But as time progresses and you gain more experience, it becomes easier and faster to do.