Many people will return to their homes after a long day at work only to find out that either they have lost their Keys or The Key Breaks Inside The Lock. Many times people will discover that they left the keys inside their home. So, what should you do if that ever happens to you? Well, there are quite a few things you can do, as we’ll examine in this article.

Call A Family Member, Friend or Your Landlord

If you live with a friend or family member, you can call them to see if they have a set of keys you can use. Usually, every member of a family has their own set of keys, especially if they are out of the house. However, if it turns out that they don’t have a set of keys for whatever reason, the next person to call is your landlord.

Landlords often retain a key to the front and back door. However, you’ll need to call and ask them. If they have a set of keys to your house, then you’re saved! Sometimes the building manager will also have a set of keys, so make sure you check with him.

Check For An Open Window

Sometimes getting into your home can be as simple as opening an unlocked window and jumping in. However, it isn’t that simple if you live on the 5th floor of a multi-story apartment with the windows facing the road. While the frustration may tempt you to climb up, we strongly advise against it.

Take the Door Knob Apart

Most people don’t leave their homes with a set of tools unless they are contractors. That’s why you might want to ask a neighbor for a couple of tools like a screwdriver.

While different types of doorknobs are assembled in various ways, taking them apart is easy. However, to take most doorknobs apart will require a flat head screwdriver or a paper clip. Make sure that you have a hammer too. Just place the screwdriver in the notch above the handle and hammer it slightly to knock the handle loose. Then open up the screws to remove the firewall.

Make sure to put the doorknob back together once the door is open.

Call A Locksmith

Many Locksmiths Have Emergency Services you can call. Most will be at your location within 30-minutes unless you live far away from the city. Regardless, we strongly advise calling a locksmith because they can open your lock with no damage to the door or your property. Also, if you’ve lost the key, most locksmiths can make one for you.

If the locksmith sees that your lock has been damaged, they can also fix it to prevent future issues. That’s why this is the best option, regardless of how you cut it.


Getting locked out of your home or losing the key is downright frustrating. But it is essential to step back and think about what will work best for you. Most people will find calling a locksmith to be the best option.