Many people reading this article may be on the fence about Changing Their Locks or getting them rekeyed. The decision is often based on which of these two options will be cheaper. The short answer to this question is that it depends on your lock. It also depends on how old your lock is and if it’s in good condition. After all, you don’t want to spend all that money rekeying an old lock that can easily be bypassed.

Almost everyone has experienced the frustration associated with losing their sole set of keys which is where Hiring The Best Locksmith comes in. It is the same concern when they move into a new home and want to replace the existing lock with a new one. The common misconception is that replacing the lock is the only option they have, which we’d agree with if it were a lock that didn’t offer much in the way of security.

This article will discuss a couple of pros and cons of both Rekeying and Replacing The Locks. That way, you can pick the cheapest option, but one that fits your security needs the best.

Replacing Vs. Rekeying A Lock

We all know what replacing a lock means. The locksmith will usually take off your old lock and replace it with a brand new one. Ideally, the new lock will provide better security. However, rekeying is different. Rekeying requires that the locksmith replace the internals of the lock. Things like the pins and tumblers are replaced. That way, the old key does not work, and the newly rekeyed lock needs a new set of keys to open.

When Is Rekeying A Good Option?

Keep in mind that rekeying a lock requires several changes, but you need to have the original key. However, it can be rekeyed if you’ve lost the original set of keys, but it will be slightly more expensive. Rekeying is the best option if you’ve lost your keys and are afraid that someone will find them.

Rekeying is also a good option if you want a single key to open multiple locks. Often this is something that business owners will want to be able to do. This practice is also referred to as a ‘master key’ security system.

When To Change Your Locks?

You will want to change old locks, easy to bypass or those that aren’t secure. Also, changing the locks is a good idea if you want to upgrade to fingerprint locks or a keypad-type lock. Some people may also want to change the locks so that it matches the design of their home. After all, old, rusty locks don’t look good in a modern home.

The Price Factor

Generally speaking, rekeying your locks is always going to be cheaper. It is cheaper than buying a new set of locks for all your doors if you’ve lost the keys to all of them. However, this does not make your lock brand new. That said, if your lock is relatively new, i.e., less than three years old, we’d recommend rekeying.

As professionals, we will start with examining the lock to determine if rekeying is feasible. If rekeying is not a good option we let clients know upfront. That way you’re aware of any potential danger associated with the lock being easily compromised.