Almost everyone reading this article knows how it feels to lose a key or break the only one. The experience can be distressful and downright frustrating. Also, many, if not most people, can’t work through opening a lock on their own without a key. That’s why they resort to breaking down the door or a glass window to try and open the door.

However, we’ve often been asked: is it possible for a Professional Locksmith to open a door without breaking it or a related glass? Yes, it is possible, and we’ve unlocked several homes and cars without breaking anything or damaging anything either. That said, this can only be done by an expert like us, so if you find yourself in a situation like this, make sure to call experts like us.

How Do We Open Locks and Doors Without Damaging Anything?

Well, at the most basic level, we are using a set of lockpicks to work our way to open a lock. Our Lockpicks Proceed with gently undoing a locked door, tumbler by tumbler. This does zero damage to the locks or the door. However, we have the advantage of years of experience. Over the years, we’ve opened several hundred locks in a similar fashion. That’s why not many people have the knowledge and experience we have to do what’s needed to open a lock.

As locksmiths, we are trained to use non-destructive methods of opening a lock. Not to mention endless practice, not only on practice locks but on real locks too. Furthermore, we’ve been doing this for so long that we are very well acquainted with many locks’ inherent weaknesses, which allows us to bypass them quickly.

What do We do As Locksmiths?

Our job is to exploit weaknesses in the mechanical structure of the lock mainly. We understand how different locks work and their characteristics as well as their weaknesses. Once we are aware of a vulnerability, we use the right tools to exploit it. Often multiple locks from many manufacturers will have the same vulnerability.

The vast majority of locks available today are mechanical, using the pin and cylinder function. When a key is inserted into the lock, it forces the pin-up, which then frees the cylinder opening the lock. Our job as locksmiths is to identify the direction of the cylinder and how it needs to turn, then coax up the pinout of the cylinder, which causes it to turn hence opening the lock.


Our skills aren’t restricted to a single type of lock(s). We are also equipped to handle digital and smart locks too. However, these technologically advanced locks also require we use high-tech equipment. The same goes for vehicles with keyless entry.

If you have a lock that’s giving you trouble or you find yourself in a situation where the key is lost, always call a locksmith. Local locksmiths are the best people to help you not only get into your home or vehicle but will also help by making a replacement key. Most of all, it isn’t going to cost you a lot of money especially compared to replacing a broken window.