Every vehicle has a unique code for identification, that special code is called the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) which is assigned to it. This code is associated with every kind of information needed for a particular automobile. During the entire lifetime of the vehicle, the VIN remains the same. It has all the important past and present information regarding the vehicle which helps the current and future buyer in every aspect.

VIN was first introduced in 1954 but every automobile manufacturer used different patterns of codes hence it was not so useful and it was not registered under a certain department. In 1981, the national highway traffic safety administration of the USA set a standardized format for VIN to make it the same for every vehicle.

What is a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)?

The vehicle identification number is the label code for every particular automobile to make it separable from others. Every vehicle has a unique and new VIN which does not correspond to any other vehicle. It helps in:

Tracking the snatched or stolen vehicle

VIN can help the owner to track the snatched or stolen vehicle. VIN is registered with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration which can easily locate the vehicle on the map.

Tracking the snatched or stolen vehicle

Tracking the snatched or stolen vehicle

Claiming the warranty

In case of a warranty claim, VIN helps the owner to ask for a repair or replacement from the respective manufacturer. For this, a valid contract must exist. VIN helps in tracking the previous records of claims.

Register the vehicle

VIN is needed when the owner has bought a brand-new car. The registration process needs the VIN along with a personal identification card, manufacturer details, and purchase bill.

How To Find The VIN Of Your Vehicle

How To Find The VIN Of Your Vehicle

How To Find The VIN Of Your Vehicle

VIN is often written on the lower left side of the dashboard, in front of the steering wheel. In some vehicles, it is printed on the engine as well.

  1. It has 17 characters. According to the standard code policy letters like Q, O and I can’t be used in the code because they can be misunderstood by the numeric 1 and 0.
  2. The first digit of the code stands for the origin of manufacturing. From 4th up to 8th digit tells the vehicle description which includes the details of the car body, model, and type. The 9th digit is the check digit. From 10th up to the last character of the code is considered as the vehicle identifier section (VIS).
  3. These characters are the important ones who reveal the more specific information about the engine and other installed components.

Why Does It Matter?

The VIN is the fingerprint of the car. It is considered the most important code when it comes to a vehicle. It can disclose the following information regarding the vehicle.

  1. It can pull out the vehicle history report
  2. It can disclose information that is not told

Why Does The Locksmith Need The VIN?

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is needed by the locksmith in the following situations.

To Identify The Real Owner

Whenever you call a locksmith for any purpose, the locksmith always crosses check the VIN with the person to identify if the vehicle belongs to him or anyone else. He must check before providing the service and make sure that he is dealing with the real owner. In some cases snatched or theft automobiles are brought to locksmiths to change the lock so that the robber gets access to the vehicle easily.

To Make Duplicate Keys When Needed

When the owner loses the original keys or locks the keys inside the vehicle, a locksmith is needed to help him in this situation. For duplication, the VIN is needed along with the registration number and personal ID card. This information is important when you want to have a duplicate key.

Other Reasons Of Importance For VIN:

To check the history of the vehicle when buying a used car

When you are buying a used car, it is important to know about the history. VIN helps the buyer with all the history of the vehicle such as:

  1. If it is insured or not
  2. If it was damaged in an accident
  3. If it is stolen from someone

In case of any repair, VIN is needed

Whenever a repair or maintenance is needed, the Vin can help in choosing the correct alternate parts. It also helps in recollecting the previous repair history.

Easy to track the stolen car

God forbid you have lost the car in snatching or robbery, VIN can help you locate the car with the help of authorized departments and recover the vehicle with them.

Bottom Line

It is important to know the VIN of your automobile to easily cater to any emergencies. Have your VIN ready when you call a locksmith for any service because no VIN means no assistance.