Locksmith South Seattle

One of the things that you want, from your local Locksmith South Seattle, is the ability to do more than one or two types of jobs. Just as there are many different things to do, in Seattle, there are a number of different services that a good locksmith can provide.

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Home & Business Security

These days, one will expect a locksmith to be able to handle a lot more than just replacing a mechanical lock or creating a new key. For example, a home or business owner may decide to upgrade their location security with more advanced locking devices. At Elite Locksmiths, we specialize in a wide variety of different locksmith specialties.

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These include:

  • Emergency vehicle (car, boat, plane, truck) unlock service
  • Repair/replacement of vehicle ignition
  • Any type of key cutting
  • Emergency key extraction
  • Lock repairs (home, business and vehicle)
  • Electric lock servicing
  • Electronic lock servicing
  • Residential security (gate, mailbox, door)
  • Lost keys
  • Many other types of locksmith services

Locksmith In South Seattle WA

Our Locksmith In South Seattle WA are known for their experience in working with any type of locking device. If you have a combination safe (any size) that requires lock servicing – no problem! If you’re planning on adding additional security locks to your home – we can do that, too.

It doesn’t matter if it’s adding a lock to a file cabinet or setting up a master key system, we can handle any type of locksmith job.

Not only that, but we also offer competitive pricing with a fantastic 20-minute response time.

South Seattle Locksmith

We’ll be there to help you out, any time of the day of night, no matter what day it is. Give us a call, when you need a South Seattle Locksmith and don’t forget to add our number to your cell phone and/or emergency phone numbers list.