The first thing most people do to secure their luggage is to invest in an Expensive luggage lock. That is seen as the most common sense thing to do. But the question is, how secure is that lock? The truth is that these locks are not secure.

Now because luggage locks are not secure, it means that your luggage isn’t secure. How is it that people still buy these locks? Well, we’ll venture into exactly why these locks are not secure, and the false sense of security they offer travelers.

What Security Does these So-called TSA Locks Offer?

The shackles can easily be cut using cheap cutting pliers. The Lock cylinders are easy to pick and don’t require much skill, and the schematics of the master keys for these locks are vastly available to the public. So, all these locks offer is an illusion of security.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of these TSA locks is that the TSA can open your bag without permission. So, that means your lock will not be cut, and that’s something that many travelers report.

TSA approved locks are also a tad bit better than using a zip tie. It offers the same amount of security, but most newbie criminals can’t get through the lock.

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All Luggage Locks Can be Opened

All luggage locks are easy to pick, and those that have not yet Been Picked can still be opened. Most times, the locks themselves can be broken, as mentioned above. A destructive entry method is something that all travel locks are vulnerable to owing to their size.

We’ve tested the best padlocks, and even they can’t hold up to external, mounting pressure. So, your locks can’t keep out law enforcement. Even criminal-minded baggage handlers will open your luggage and maybe within their rights to do so.

Zipper Locks are Pointless

We see many travelers using a lock to lock up their zipper, and that approach is pointless. Anyone using a ballpoint pen can easily puncture the zipper’s lining or teeth. Once the person has gone through your bag, they just need to move the zipper up and down to reseal the bag. What’s more, is you can’t tell if the bag has been opened.

Now you can use an anti-puncture zipper; in that case, your zipper is safe but even then, the lock can be opened. If you want the lock to matter, then use luggage that has hasps and not zippers. You’ll find haps in hardshell cases.


You might be traveling within, to and from some of the most dangerous parts of the world, or even sleeping over at an Air BnB you don’t trust. But when you have luggage, it will always attract the attention of those who want to get what’s inside. Unfortunately, luggage locks don’t work the way people assume they will. If you want security, then go beyond simple luggage locks.