One of the most common questions individuals have is when is it a good time to replace the locks and isn’t repairing it better? It is an honest question because, for someone who does not know much about locks, it is an important decision to make. Most Locksmiths Like Us don’t like taking risks with our client’s security, so if something goes wrong with the lock, we recommend replacing it. However, below are a few things to consider when deciding between replacing or repairing a lock.

Repair Vs. Replace Home Locks

One of the benefits of Replacing Versus Repairing a Home Lock is that you have new hardware. When a lock is repaired, the old hardware remains on the door, and only the broken or malfunctioning part is replaced. Replacing the lock is a good idea typically because there may be other issues with the old lock, in which case your security is compromised. However, repairing some locks may be cheaper as compared to a complete replacement.

An old lock, especially one that is a few years old, could continue to malfunction, which costs you more money than a replacement in the long term. It could also end up compromising your home or business’s security. It is essential to consider that the average lock lasts around seven years.

To Upgrade Your Security

Many homeowners may choose and should choose to improve their security with the latest, secure locks. Fortunately, the latest locks are available in various styles and colors, tailored to all types of homes. Many homeowners are also investing in smart locks since it makes managing the lock a lot easier, and the chances of losing your keys are higher than forgetting the code to your residence. Some smart locks can also be unlocked using smartphones, making them ideal for people who lead busy lives.

The Locks Keep Breaking Down

If your lock continues to break down, like get stuck, or the cylinder turns with the key, it is best to change the entire lock. Not only is a lock that’s malfunctioning a liability, but a huge security hole in your home. The good news is that replacing a lock isn’t going to cost you a lot, but we strongly advise that you upgrade to a more secure type of lock for added security.

The Locks are Old

If your home locks are older than four or five years, then you should consider changing it. Sure the average age is around 7 years, but you shouldn’t risk it for that long. Older locks get rusty depending on where you live, which makes them easier to break into. Also, older locks can be compromised by thieves using the latest lockpicking technology and techniques.


We understand that the decision to replace your locks isn’t an easy one, especially if you have an expensive model. However, be assured that it is the best decision speaking from experience as a professional locksmith, especially considering how much of a priority your safety is in today’s environment.