It isn’t uncommon for people to get locked out of their homes. However, a home lockout can be extremely frustrating. Even if you don’t have a spare key and happen to be locked out because you lost the one you had, you should and shouldn’t do a couple of things.

If you find yourself locked out of your home in the middle of the night, our quick take on this is to call a locksmith like us. A Professional Emergency Locksmith should be able to help you get back in because sitting out all night isn’t the best option.

Finding Ways to Get Back In

One of the Ways To Deal With a Home Lockout is to find a way to get back in but without breaking a window or knocking down the door. If you reside in an apartment, you can call the building’s maintenance team to help you get back in. While they will require some identifying documents, before they allow you in, they can still help you.

You might need to get permission from the leasing office before maintenance can even help you. Sometimes the leasing office has a key on hand for your apartment, and that is what can help you get back in at no extra cost and within a few minutes.

Time to Invest in Keyless Entry

If you get locked out of your home a lot, then why not invest in keyless entry. A keyless entry lock may cost a little more than most standard locks but will ensure that you can get back in because there are no keys involved. All you need is to know the code to get back into your home. However, you need to closely guard the code with your life so that nobody else uses it to get into your home.

You Shouldn’t Climb Through the Bedroom Window

While we encourage you to get back into the home if you lose the key, you shouldn’t knock out a window and climb through it. Also, you shouldn’t risk life and limb climbing up to the first-story bedroom to enter. Also, never try to pick your lock because you’re giving the wrong person the right idea of how to enter your home.

If you find yourself out of options and locked out, a professional locksmith can help you.

Always Have A Second Key Tucked Away

You always want to have a second set of keys tucked away somewhere safe in case you get locked out. Some people may hide one under a fake stone others trust their neighbors to keep their key safe. Regardless, it will save you a great deal of energy and frustration whenever you get locked out.


Getting locked out of your home is not fun. But there are ways to prevent it, but if you still get stuck outside, a team of emergency locksmiths near you can help.