A car lockout is possibly the worst feeling any vehicle owner can get in their lifetime; however, several precautions can unlock a locked car with little to no complication.

So, locking yourself or even the keys in the car is no doubt stressful. Although, you might be surprised to know that you are not alone in this frustration. According to several surveys, the annual lockout cases in the United States alone is approximately 4 Million, and these statistics are gradually on the rise. The main reason for Locked Keys in a Car can be being in a rush, mainly due to busy routines or within an emergency.

Nonetheless, car keys ending up in the wrong place at the wrong time is not always as easy to solve, but there are several preventive measures that you could adopt today to safeguard yourself and your loved ones in the future. Following are some of these tips, which are pretty helpful to unlock a locked car.

4 Major Precautions To Take After A Car Lockout

Car lockouts can occur whether you are in a panic/rush or simply not wanting to be late for work. If you previously faced these complications, let us guide you to some of the renowned preventive measures. Each of them comes with its own set of bells and whistles, so make sure to adopt the one specific to your needs. With that said, let’s take a quick look at them.

Invest In Spare Keys For Your Vehicle

Investing in spare keys is one of the best possible measures that anyone could adopt to unlock a locked car. Extra keys can be assembled with little to no complication. Plus, they are pretty affordable as you compare them with any modern car lockout accessory. So, contact your locksmith today and try to get themselves these valuable entities.

In addition to that, there is a higher chance that accidents can occur and you can be more likely trapped within your car. Therefore, if you want protection against that, it’s probably a wise choice to share spare car keys with your relatives or close friends.

Besides that, if your neighbors are trustworthy, why not share them with an extra pair? As they live close by, they will be more likely to help you out in that dire situation.

Utilize Smart Keypads With Security Codes On Your Car

One of the high-tech solutions to tackle locked keys in a car is simply implying a smart lock over the door. Most top brands, including Ford, Lincoln & Mercury, even have some models equipped with smart keypads as an added feature. But if your car lacks one, be sure to contact your local car dealer and install a new one right off the bat. If you could get a solid deal on this piece of smart accessory, then why not get one today?

For those who aren’t that tech-savvy or unsure about handling these kinds of locks, it’s ideal to contact lockout services like GM’s or OnStar. Of course, you will be required to pay a yearly subscription, but an onboard technician will always be ready to unlock your car with a push of a button.

Try To Incorporate A Reliable Fob With Your Car Keys

Another cheap yet easy precaution against locked keys in a car is incorporating them with a fob. Whether your vehicle uses a basic key ignition system or any modern setup, utilizing a fob can give you peace of mind in unlocking that locked car. They rely on sensor technology, so, during rush days, when you are likely to forget them in an unreasonable spot, they will effectively set the reminder and provide you convenience.

As they are pretty handy in setting up a habit, you will likely stick in any future Car Lockouts. Normal Key fobs can cost anywhere from $100-$150, but try to find a model with bright construction for added convenience before you purchase.

Contact Any Renowned Road Assistance Program

There is a high chance that your car can lock out in an unstable region, with no gas station or nearby residents. Thus, to handle this type of circumstances, you want to keep in contact with any reasonable road assistance program that offers coverage for your particular region. They will most likely have the right equipment to unlock your car, but you need to be a bit patient.

Also, keep in mind that you most probably have to pay for their service, which can go anywhere to a few hundred dollars. If the mobile phone service is available, you can also call 911. The police will most likely be able to unlock your car door or contact a person who will.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, this completes our brief guide on major precautions to take after a car lockout. Speaking of preventive measures, many US citizens are also opting toward various car lockout kits. These are manufactured accessories that can be utilized to pursue a locked car within a couple of minutes. Also, before you get along with your day, it’s worth noting that no matter how well you are prepared to tackle these situations, accidents can arise. Thus, it is better to calm your nerves and think logically rather than panicking on the spot.