Most people do not realize the importance of a car key until they lose their vehicles without notice. Whichever the case might be, you can find yourself in such a situation too, and you, like other people, might not know how to replace your car key.

There are multiple ways to tackle this situation. They all vary in price, time to complete, and technique. It honestly depends on the kind of situation you might find yourself in. Different options work best in different situations.

Least Costly And Most Efficient

The quickest and best possible solution to replace a car key if you are in a hurry is to call an auto locksmith.

These locksmiths are specialized in working with keys and locks of various vehicles. They possess the right equipment to help them replace the keys of almost every car. Plus, they are usually mobile; therefore, they can reach you in almost no time.

Least Costly And Most Efficient

Least Costly And Most Efficient

Someone who claims to be an auto locksmith will most definitely carry specific equipment that helps them Reprogram Car Keys (and other vehicles). An experienced auto locksmith will get the job done within one visit. They will also ensure that the stolen key is disabled so that it does not work anymore.

Least Upfront Cost

The best way to have your car keys replaced and avoid paying upfront is to use your car insurance. However, many companies do not cover such costs. Therefore, you will have to check with your insurance provider.

However, it would help if you kept in mind that you may not have to pay upfront this time, but it will likely increase your policy’s cost on the next renewal. It may even affect your no-claim bonus.

Many insurance companies are generous enough to provide you with a ‘Car Key Cover’ add-on. This mainly covers the cost of an extra key. Such a policy helps you ensure that you do not have to pay huge costs whenever you want your car keys replaced.

Is It Midnight?

There is no fixed time for a car key to get lost or stolen. Keeping that in mind, if such a situation occurs in the early morning hours, it might be difficult to contact an auto locksmith.

However, you can contact a breakdown service such as RAC or AA. They might not be able to replace every type of key since they are usually not well equipped for such scenarios.

This solution is most likely one of the much slower ones. The breakdown service you contact might be dealing with several emergencies at once. If you are not classified as a priority, there is no telling when help will arrive.

What’s even more, most breakdown services ultimately use auto locksmiths. Therefore, it is wiser to contact an auto locksmith directly and save money on unnecessary middleman expenses.

However, this is probably the best (and only) option available at such hours.

You Want A Genuine Branded Key!

You Want A Genuine Branded Key!

You Want A Genuine Branded Key!

People who own expensive cars like a BMW or Mercedes prefer holding a branded and original key made by the manufacturer. However, a local auto locksmith won’t be able to achieve such a feat. You will have to contact a local car dealership for such services.

Although it may make your wallet a lot lighter than before, this is likely the only way to get a branded car key with the company’s logo on it. It also takes an extended amount of time. The dealership will have to bring a blank key, usually taken along. What’s even more, the dealership might not even have the right equipment for the job.

They will probably call in an auto locksmith too. Therefore, if you’re not keen on having a branded car key, you can call a locksmith and get the job done. However, if there is no way you can live with this situation, you should start dialing your local dealership’s number right away.

How To Get Your Car Key Replaced

How To Get Your Car Key Replaced

How To Get Your Car Key Replaced?

As mentioned throughout this article, you have probably figured out that the best solution to a car key problem is to contact an auto locksmith.

However, no matter what you opt for, replacing a car key will never be cheap. The most you can do is opt for ways to keep the costs down, but you need to act smartly for that.

Bottom Line

Losing a car key can be extremely annoying, and replacing it is even more frustrating. You have come to the right place if you have recently found yourself in such a situation and are looking for a solution. You can go through this article to see more on the topic.