Sliding door locks have become a highly fashionable trend in this modern age. Most houses built these days have sliding doors. The aesthetic they add to the environment is unmatched undoubtedly.

However, with more complex machines come more complex problems. The same is the case with sliding doors. If you face problems with your sliding door locks, you can try a few things.

Keeping that in mind, we have come up with this article. It is solely dedicated to solutions to fix sliding door lock problems. Whether it be a stuck sliding door latch or a device that is not locking, we have covered everything.

The following are some of the commonly used ways to fix sliding door lock issues:

  1. Lubrication
  2. Lock Repair
  3. Lock Replacement
  4. Door Fixes

Sometimes even these methods can fail to work. It is best to call a Professional Locksmith rather than tempering around with the door yourself in such scenarios. Now, we will discuss each solution in more detail.

1. Lubrication

Applying a lubricant is perhaps one of the most common solutions for sliding door locks. It is usually not permanent but can help your door open for further repairs. However, before we go into detail about the application, you need to know whether you have the right lubricant or not.

  1. One should prevent lubricants with oil bases. Oily substances attract dust particles and debris. Therefore, your door might open for the time being but will ultimately get stuck and not function at all. All it takes for an oily lubricant is a few days.
  2. If the lock is functioning normally, it could be the track with issues. Sometimes, the keyways have a rust buildup too. Apply the lubricant inside them in such cases (and if there are no keyways, lubrication of the bolt, latch, or internal mechanisms should be done).
  3. Talking more generally, observe which part of the door is not moving. Go ahead and lubricate the spot and try again!
Lock Repair

Lock Repair

2. Lock Repair

Repairing the lock is one of the first things that come to mind when the lock needs fixing. This process includes replacing or mending parts of the lock without actually replacing it entirely. Such work is usually a locksmith’s job, and it is advised that you should not try it yourself.

  1. Most cheap locks tend to break when they are disassembled. However, if you have an available sliding door lock, it can be easily taken apart and reassembled later.
  2. A mortise lock (or similar) has a lock body that will come out of a pocket constructed in the door. The body can then be examined for broken parts, fixed, and put back in place. A major advantage is that the inside can be checked for extensive cleaning.
  3. At times, a broken key can get stuck in a lock as well. You will have to jab and tweeze at the broken fragments inside the lock to get them out. Disconnected parts can be reattached to their original position.
  4. If your house has antique locks, that can become a problem. Parts for most antique locks are not usually available. In such scenarios, locksmiths that keep parts of broken locks with them can be resourceful to you.

3. Replacing The Lock Entirely

The following are the scenarios in which replacing the lock becomes the only option:

  1. The current lock cannot be taken apart without breaking it.
  2. The broken parts of the lock are not available in the market.
  3. A new lock is less costly than buying independent parts for the current one.

The major problem with this solution is finding a door lock that fits perfectly into your door. Depending on the sliding door lock (e.g., patio or screen), each door has its unique lock design and size.

Replacing The Lock Entirely

Replacing The Lock Entirely

Although many doors can be adjusted slightly for a different kind of lock, that barely ever looks pleasing. Therefore, if your door uses a mortise lock, using one of a similar size and shape is necessary to avoid any fuss.

Also, they do not offer the best security; sliding doors, a secure lock is still an addition to whatever feeble security you have.

4. Door Fixes

It is possible that the problem is not always with the lock, but with the door too. Sliding door locks have this issue quite often. Considering that the track is mostly long and tight, minor debris or other inconveniences can affect the door’s normal functioning.

One way to increase security in sliding glass doors is to block the tracks to prevent the door from opening. This can happen randomly due to the collecting of debris as well. In such cases, clean and lubricate the track thoroughly.

Deformation of the door can sometimes occur too. Possible solutions can include changing the height of the lock so that it can sit properly in the latch. If the door refuses to slide, you can trim the door to make sure it fits on the track properly.

As mentioned before, Sliding Glass Doors are not effective in security. This should also be kept in mind while repairing the door.

Bottom Line

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You can contact them without hesitation whenever you have a problem regarding any locks (whether it be a car, house, office, or anything else). The professionals here will not leave you disappointed!