Are you concerned about the safety of your present locks? Make sure your previous keys aren’t visible in case you’ve lost one, moved into a different property, or had another security incident.

Instead of buying a new lock, you may have your old one rekeyed by simply changing the pins on the inside. Rekeying locks has various benefits over purchasing a new lock in most situations.

Rekeying Has Several Benefits, which we’ll go through now.


1. Different Situations

Modernizing your home’s or business’s locks may serve several purposes. A majority of the time, rekeying is an option worth considering.

  • Installing new locks on your new home is a must if you want to keep out former owners or anybody else they may have given their keys to.
  • The same rules apply if you are renovating your present home. Keep track of all the duplicate keys you provide to contractors that require admission into your house. It may be a hassle. Rekeying assures that none of the old keys work, so you don’t have to bother collecting them all.
  • You may want to change the locks on your property if the occupants move. You would want to keep your ex-spouse out of the home for various reasons, including a roommate who has moved out or a divorce.
  • Misplacing your keys is an everyday occurrence. As long as your present locks are in good working condition, rekeying is a straightforward way to eliminate those lost keys and Prevent Home Invasion.

2. Fixes A Security Breach

You can have their locks rekeyed fast since no new hardware is needed. You don’t have to wait until you’ve decided on new locks and hardware before you have them changed. A locksmith may usually do the job in 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the complexity of the lock.

  • Security breaches caused by lost keys or other incidents need a quick reaction time. Locksmiths can usually come to your house quickly, so you won’t have to wait long for their services. This might give you a sense of security in the event of a security crisis.
  • Reduces the time you have to be susceptible to a security breach. If you misplace your key or have an argument with a previous roommate, you’ll be on edge until you replace the locks. In the event of an emergency, having a locksmith come to your residence in a short period makes you less susceptible.
No Need For New Hardware

No Need For New Hardware

3. No Need For New Hardware

If you like the locks you now have, you may want to look into rekeying them. The lock’s pins may change, but the lock itself is unchanged. As a result, the process as a whole is made simpler. You don’t have to go out and shop for a lock that suits your home’s decor.

  • If your present locks are in excellent shape, are still secure, and are in keeping with the overall look of your home, it makes sense to keep them. When you see them, you know they are well-made and effective. The appearance of your house’s exterior is always consistent.

4. Cost-effective

When it comes to replacing locks, rekeying is the most cost-effective option. Alternatively, you may replace the whole lock mechanism, which is more costly than only replacing the pins.

The additional steps involved take longer to put in a full lock. In addition to the added hardware expenses, you’ll spend more if you employ a professional locksmith to do the job. In the long run, rekeying your locks will save you money while also enhancing the safety of your home or workplace.



5. Customized

When you buy a lock from a hardware shop, it comes with a generic lock. It’s less secure since it’s so widely used.

Changing the pin locations while rekeying a lock allows you to make a whole new lock. You’ll likely feel more secure if you know your locks are custom-made.

6. Master Key

The master key system in your house may be easily rekeyed. This implies that you can unlock all of your doors with one key. Because you don’t have to carry several keys or know which one belongs to whatever lock, it’s simpler to get into your residence.

You Can Change Locks Differently

You Can Change Locks Differently

7. You Can Change Locks Differently

If you need to replace your locks regularly, a rekey-able lock is a great option. You could consider rekeying the locks every time the employee leaves your organization. A landlord will almost definitely change the locks once a tenant moves out.

Bottom Line

Rekeying your locks will be a straightforward and fast process if you hire a competent locksmith. If you are concerned about security and convenience, rekeying your locks may be a good option. Call us immediately to set up an appointment if your locks need to be rekeyed.