If a lock can’t be readily picked, it’s considered “high security.” Does this imply that other locks are more easily picked if this is the case? Experts, on the other hand, disagree!

If you have ever looked for locks for your home or business, you’ve likely come across the phrase “high-security.” There is a good chance you have disregarded it as industry-speak or a marketing phrase. When it comes to protecting your home, high-security locks are the best in the business, making your life simpler and more difficult for crooks.

For a variety of purposes, locks are available at a variety of pricing ranges. Some are easy enough to be picked up with a backup key or other means of access. Biometric access and mobile applications are two of the most advanced options available. In many cases, these locks can only be fitted by a professional locksmith. High-security locks essentially provide more protection against manipulation, damaging assaults, breaches, and off-site key duplicating. With the addition of electronics, the possibility for audit logs, surveillance, and quick recovery of hacked or expired credentials increased.

If you want to invest in a high-security lock to protect your valuables, you’ll also need to secure the room’s windows and other entrance points.

However, you must first learn how safe a high-security lock is and if you should get one for your garage door.

Features Of High-Security Locks

1. Bolt Strength

Heavy and robust bolts are needed to prevent them from being picked or shattered by heavy tools like a battering ram or a sled hammer. A thief should be unable to lift the bolt with their own hands. When brute force or machines are used to shatter a bolt, only a bolt constructed of a strong metal can survive them.

2. Copying Keys

Inevitably, there will be a lockout at some point. As a result, spare or duplicate keys are brought into the picture. It would help if you kept your keys out of the hands of thieves who may use them to gain entry to your house and steal your valuables. As a result, keeping keys just where you need them makes sense and is a very common thing to do.

You may want to use a high-security lock featuring patented keyways for additional security. Special machines must break or produce replicas of these locks or their keys.

Features Of High-Security Locks

Features Of High-Security Locks

3. Hardware

The heavier the locks, the more secure your possessions are. Locks built of hefty metal are almost impossible to pick or break. A lighter lock of inferior metals or polymers severely compromises your house or office’s security.

If you ever find yourself locked out, only a Professional Emergency Locksmith will be able to free you from your shackles and get entry.

4. Drill Resistance

Drilling into a lock is one of the simplest methods to pick or break it. Drills are also used by many locksmiths when required. Drilling a hole in a lock renders it useless. Anti-drill plates and hardened steel ball bearings are common features in high-security locks.

How To Secure Your Home With High-Security Locks?

Burglars are unlikely to break in unless you have valuables in your house unless they know you have anything they want. Most often, burglars will attempt to enter your house via an unlocked sliding door or window. It doesn’t matter how costly the lock on your front door is; your investment is wasted if your windows and backdoors aren’t adequately protected.

How To Secure Your Home With High-Security Locks

How To Secure Your Home With High-Security Locks

The majority of burglars will gain entry to your possessions via an open window or an unlocked door. That’s why many individuals nowadays want home security systems installed. Using a smartphone app or a code, you can access your home’s smart locks, removing the need to retain physical keys.

For example, the area where your gun collection is stored would be a good candidate for high-security locks since it has only one way in and out.

How To Secure Your Business With High-Security Locks?

Locking business establishments with a strong, high-security lock is a good idea. It is also important to protect the windows and other points of entry in order to provide failsafe security and safety.

Biometric locks, as well as other smart locks, on the other hand, may be rather expensive in security systems of this kind. With this, you won’t have to keep making new copies of your keys each time an employee departs or doesn’t show up for work.

How To Secure Your Business With High-Security Locks

How To Secure Your Business With High-Security Locks

Bottom Line

When there are no other ways in or out of a room, high-security locks are your best bet. Investing in a high-security lock is meaningless if you use it to protect your front door, not your rear door, windows, or other access points.