Having a problem with your car’s door locks is a typical occurrence. However, we’ll go through some of the most prevalent causes and what you can do to fix them. If you have time, check out our blog!

What’s Wrong With Your Power Door Lock?

A variety of factors may cause problems with a door lock. Let’s look at how the power door locking mechanism works first.

The key fob or automobile central locking remote transmits a signal to a receiver connected to the engine control unit when utilizing a power locking system. The solenoid on each door will then be activated to lock or unlock at the same time by a receiver.

Key Fob Problems

Key Fob Problems

Key Fob Problems

  • Dead key fob battery

Replacement of key fob batteries sometimes is all that is needed to fix door lock problems. Coin-sized batteries are standard. However, it is essential to check your owner’s handbook for the correct dimensions.

  • Key fob malfunction

Key fobs that don’t work are more difficult to fix than batteries that have run out. After changing the batteries, you may discover that the issue persists. For that, you’ll need to consult an expert. The expert will link the fob to a computer to ensure the correct signal response. You’ll have to get a new one if it breaks.

How Can I Fix This

How Can I Fix This

How Can I Fix This?

Although most key fobs come with a manual key, updating the batteries is always good. Keep a replacement battery on hand, and acquire yourself a manual spare key if your fob doesn’t come with a manual key (if possible).

  • Weather Conditions

Car and residential doors might malfunction in frigid temperatures. This is caused by ice adhering to the outside and handle of your automobile door, making it difficult to open or shut. To help melt the ice surrounding your door or handle, pour warm but never boiling water around the frozen area. Keep any moist areas from the water you spilled dry, so you don’t have extra ice.

  • Failure Of A Solenoid

A solenoid within your vehicle doors receives a signal from the buttons on your key fob. An electrical signal is translated into mechanical movement by a solenoid and utilized to move a steel rod through a keyhole. The inner door panel must be removed to replace a solenoid in a door that isn’t locking or unlocking.

Broken rod or connection:

There is always the potential that one of the rods mentioned above or (more probable) plastic connections has cracked, which is less likely than an electrical fault. The hardware network connects the door panel switches to the door handles and locks inside and outside.

Plastic may harden and crack with time, or muck may have leaked into the door from the window and gathered there due to the window being repeatedly opened and closed. As with the solenoid replacement, diagnosing and fixing this issue will need removing the inner door panel, but any problems will be evident to the unaided eye.

Door Lock Actuator Problems

Your car’s doors are locked and unlocked by the actuator. Locking and unlocking problems might occur if the actuator becomes damaged and cannot send signals to the vehicle. Consult a mechanic to see whether the actuator is functioning correctly.

  • Defective Wiring

The door controls might fail if the wiring in the automobile door system is faulty. Faulty wiring is most often the result of insulation wear. Your car’s doors will open and close correctly if you take it to a repair shop for a new electrical system.

  • Blown Fuse

If the power locking system is connected to the car’s electrical system, it will function properly. Short-circuit or electrical damage may be prevented by clicking a fuse or numerous fuses to the system. It’s good to check the fuse for the door locks before going to the dealer for power door inspections. When a fuse blows, you’ll hear a popping sound and smell burning.

A simple way to detect whether the little metal squiggle in the center of a fuse is connected or not is to check. After confirmation, replacing the fuse with a new one of the same amperage as the previous one is recommended.

Door Lock Actuator Problems

Door Lock Actuator Problems

When It Comes To Car Lockouts, Can An Auto Locksmith Help?

Yes, that’s a straightforward solution to your question. An Auto Locksmith can help you with any problems with your vehicle’s lock mechanism, including a damaged or broken lock, a jammed lock that won’t open, a stuck car key in the ignition, or even if you’ve misplaced your car keys. Auto Locksmiths can also help you if you have a lock-related issue with most other kinds of vehicles.

Bottom Line

Regardless of the cause, you’ll want to get your vehicle door lock difficulties fixed as soon as possible. You need to know what’s wrong before you can fix it. Even if you may know what to do in the event of a vehicle lock failure, we always recommend consulting an auto locksmith or an expert to get everything functioning again.