Automobiles have made life a lot easier by reducing traveling time anywhere. However, it takes losing a simple key to lose all control of your car can become extremely annoying.

It is even more frustrating when you are pursuing a deadline. For example, imagine that it is time to pick your children up from school, and you lose your car keys. You are stuck in two problems simultaneously, and it’s challenging to sort both out at once.

For those of you looking for answers to this problem, we have several options you can choose from to solve it. For obvious reasons, we have included the benefits and drawbacks of each solution.

What To Do If Your Car Keys Are Stolen?

The moment you notice that your car keys have been stolen, you should call the police. Following that, you should get the car key replaced. The car’s engine unit should also be wiped to prevent the stolen key from being used again.

It is essential to take this step because the key contains a specific chip to the car’s engine. Wiping the memory will protect the car from being stolen.

What To Do If Your Car Keys Are Stolen

What To Do If Your Car Keys Are Stolen

1. Call An Auto Locksmith

These are the kind of locksmiths trained specially to deal with car keys and locks. An auto locksmith is your best option in such a situation. They carry blank keys and recording machines within their vehicles. Therefore, they’ll be able to help you design a new key straightaway.

Why Should I Opt For An Auto Locksmith?

Most auto locksmiths can arrive at where you are stuck and help you out straight away. However, it would be best if you kept some things in mind while calling a locksmith:

  • Model and make of your vehicle
  • Registration number
  • The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) that you can find on your V5C document
  • ID to confirm that it is your vehicle
  • Your location

Auto locksmiths are also a great option because they carry key programming equipment. This makes it easier for them to make new keys without outsourcing the parts.

Plus, opting to get the key replaced by the car dealership means a wait of several days. An auto locksmith can do the same job within a few hours.

Call An Auto Locksmith

Call An Auto Locksmith

2. Check Your Insurance

In case of a stolen car key, you can check if your car insurance company policy covers such claims. Some companies do, and that too almost instantly.

A more detailed insurance policy usually covers the cost of reprogramming the engine control unit. Depending on the level of policy you have, a policy can cover

  • Fare for a taxi to retrieve a new pair of keys
  • A courtesy car that you can use until you get a new key made
  • The company itself can send a locksmith your way

3. Call Your Breakdown Service

This option is usually the slowest one. Most breakdown services cannot determine when they will be able to reach you, primarily if you do not get classified as an emergency.

Plus, the type of vehicle and key you have is also a factor in case of breakdown services. They might not have the coding equipment needed for your car at all! What’s even more, some breakdown services outsource work to an auto locksmith. In such cases, it is better to cut out the middleman.

Most technicians at such services do not have the experience of an auto locksmith either, so you might as well call a trained professional.

Call Your Local Car Dealership

Call Your Local Car Dealership

4. Call Your Local Car Dealership

This is also a slow (and not-so-budget-friendly) option for a key replacement. Most car dealerships do not possess the adequate specialist equipment that auto locksmiths carry.

The car dealership will likely order a blank key fob, which, coupled with the delay needed to contract the required equipment, will take an insane amount of time.

Again, the dealership will likely hire an auto locksmith, so it is better to cut out the middleman and save money.

5. Utilizing A Local Garage

If you opt for a local garage, you will probably face similar problems as you do so with your local car dealership. Likely, they will not have the equipment needed to replace your key and reprogram your engine.

If you want to replace your car key quickly, you should not opt for this option.

Bottom Line

Losing your car key is an annoying feat any day of the year. If you are stuck in such a situation and are looking for a solution, you have come to the right place. This guide includes all the different options you can opt for in case of lost/stolen car keys. We hope you will find the answers to what you are looking for.