It’s very uncommon for doorknobs and handles to come loose due to the daily wear and tear. When the handle pulls away, jiggles, or simply continues spinning for no apparent reason, you know it’s only a matter of time until the door handle repair is required!

For your convenience, we’ve put together this instruction on repairing those annoying door handles and knobs.

Doorknob Types That Are The Most Popular!

  • Set screws are exposed.

Typically, a doorknob is attached to a threaded spindle with a set of visible screws, and this doorknob is no exception. The hidden screw doorknob is more difficult to tighten because you cannot see how the doorknob is attached and how all the components will fit together as readily as possible with the exposed screw doorknob.

  • Hidden screw-in doorknob

In the same way, an exposed set screw doorknob has screws holding it to the spindle. This doorknob also has screws, although they cannot be seen. Doorknobs with screws hidden beneath a decorative faceplate are significantly different from those with screws exposed.

Doorknob Types That Are The Most Popular!

Doorknob Types That Are The Most Popular!

Why Doorknobs And Handles Can Get Loose?

Doorknobs and handles may become loose for a variety of reasons, including:

  • The door handle or doorknob may become shaky or loose with time, necessitating an adjustment to tighten it back up.
  • The handle or lock may not work correctly because it is an older device with accumulated dirt, dust, and other pollutants.
  • The door plate may be missing a screw or be loosely fastened.
  • In some instances, the doorknob or handle mechanism may be dysfunctional.
Why Doorknobs And Handles Can Get Loose

Why Doorknobs And Handles Can Get Loose

Door Handles And Knobs: How Do You Fix Them?

Step 1: Take off the doorknob or handle.

You should remove the handle if you didn’t tell me what’s wrong with it immediately.

Simply find the screw and loosen it with an Allen key or screwdriver if it is accessible. After taking out all of the screws, you should then be able to take out the door handle or doorknob.

Locate the detent access hole if you have a handle or doorknob with concealed screws. The door handle or knob will not be able to rotate on the door because the detent hole has a pin that protrudes from it and is triggered by a spring. To push down on the pin, you’ll need a flathead screwdriver.

After completing this step, you should rotate the shaft, which will allow you to remove the knob or handle from its location.

Step 2: Remove the foundation.

After removing the door handle or doorknob, the following step is to take the door’s base off the door. Using a flathead screwdriver, carefully peel the ring apart from the base to remove it.

When removing the base, take care not to harm the backing plate. If the backing plate becomes broken, this may prevent the handle from being correctly reattached at any point in the future, in which case you will need to Contact a Locksmith.

Step 3: Locate and tighten the screws.

A set of screws should be visible when the base is removed, and they’ll probably need to be tightened. The backing plate, which keeps the handle or doorknob together, is attached to the door using these screws. Tighten each screw while gripping the backing plate with both hands.

Step 4: It’s time to put everything back together.

After ensuring that the screws are securely in place, you can reattach the base to the backing plate by simply clipping it into position. After the base has been secured, the handle or doorknob may be positioned on the spindle shaft such that the holes can be aligned with either the screw holes (if there are visible screws) or the detent (should you have hidden screws).

Replace any exposed screws, and your door handle or doorknob should now work properly.

Fixing A Loose Doorknob

Fixing A Loose Doorknob

Fixing A Loose Doorknob

“How do you repair a loose doorknob?” is a common question.

  • Set screws, comparable to a grub screw, loosen and lose their hold on the handle spindle when a doorknob rotates loosely on the spindle.
  • Look around the collar of the doorknob to find the loose screw, and then use the right screwdriver to tighten the screw. This will allow you to adjust either the screw or the Allen key.
  • Getting a new screw for the doorknob is possible by taking it to the hardware shop.

Bottom Line

At some point, every homeowner and company owner will be forced to deal with the issue of doorknobs or handles that are too loose.

It is just a matter of time until the handle on the door becomes an annoyance for your personnel and your clients, regardless of whether it pulls away from the door or jiggles when you attempt to open it.

When it comes to a doorknob that has fallen off, there’s good news: it’s not too difficult to repair.